Sabbath dinner at Chabad House

19/03/2015 – כ״ח באדר תשע״ה  

This experience you do NOT want to miss!

Experience the Sabbath (Friday night) with our happy atmosphere, good food and lots of love.

Participation and dinner registration are free, but any donation will help us maintain and further develop Chabad House


Reserve your seats in advance. Specify full name, requested date and No of people

4 Responses

  1. suri weinreb says:

    We will be in Panama for the Shabbos of July 4, 2015. We would like to join you for the Seuda on Friday night. Additionally, we would like to daven at the shul. Do we need to send in our passports? Is there a specific protocol? Please advise.
    Thank you, Suri Weinreb

  2. HALIOUA says:

    Nous serons présent 2 adultes et 2 enfants vendredi 31 juillet
    Bien cordialement
    Dr Bruno HALIOUA
    56 bd saint Marcel Paris 75005

  3. Doron says:

    Thinking about coming to Panama Winter break Jan 24 for a week. My wife and 4 children. Which hotels are near the chabad walking distance for Shabbos. Are there minyanim daily?

    Thanks very much,

    Doron Katz, NY

  4. LEah says:

    I’m interested in coming to Panama City , Panama in Augustus . What is the weather like then? What are the kosher restaurants and can you recommend a 4 and 5 star resort that’s kid friendly and close to the kosher food . What do you offer for visitors on Shabbat is the Chabad house close to any of the resorts your going to recommend ?
    Thank you

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