Kosher Restaurants

23/03/2015 – ג׳ בניסן תשע״ה  

Dr sandwich (meat)
Address: via Italia in front of hotel paitilla inn
Pita plus (meat)
Address: plaza bal Harbor, paitilla
Lula’s Restaurant (meat)
Street 55th, Plaza Obarrio
Phone: +507 203-7650
Darna (dairy)
Address: edif grand tower ,punta pacífica
Jefrys (dairy)
In front of delta gas station
in Punta pacífica
Pita pan (dairy)
Address: Plaza bal Harbor ,paitilla
Aroma (dairy)
Address: Next to El javillo pharmacy, in front of building pacific sky
Phone: ‪3933662‬
Kosher supermarkets:
In the parking level of Multi centro Mall
Super Kosher
* In dairy restaurants, you may ask for ‘Chalav Israel’

10 Responses

  1. Rita Galbut says:

    Wanted to know oif there is a minyan in colon and the ne of kosher restaurant there

  2. Cathy Godwin says:

    It’s there a Chabad in Bocas del Toros?

  3. Joel Budovitch says:

    Does anyone know of a decent hotel to stay in that area?

  4. Voncile says:

    Miss Malmstrom,in your posts you thank a lot of orantizaniogs, authorities and people, but not Italy, the only european Member State that is actually helping migrants. Please, talk about Italy’s huge effort of these days.And a question: which Member States are going to accept your request to resettle some migrants?

  5. )) Doua cuvinte: SUCCES ! CASCO !!! Doar nu platesc degeaba atatea meleoaneeee pe an ! Si imi place cum gandesti…acolo-s 50 de masini parcate tot timpul… si tu nu-ti gasesti loc de parcare din cauza masinii mele ))) Logica de ora unu, ce sa zic … Sa ti se rupa cheile in tabla mea, na blestem ! Tabla masinii mele, ca io n-am nimic din tabla… ca sa nu existe neclaritati…de ora unu. 

  6. I really couldn’t ask for more from this article.

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